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Hello everyone.  Thank you so much for visiting this page and showing an interest in The Brett Tashman Foundation.  Brett Tashman made an impact on so many people during his relatively short life, and this Foundation was established to help honor his memory and to keep his legacy alive.  One of the causes near and dear to Brett’s heart was to find a cure for DSRCT so that others would not have to suffer as he did.  This Foundation was set up to do just that.  To help raise money for DSRCT research, The Brett Tashman Foundation will be hosting an annual golf tournament.  The information follows below:

Dear Friends, 

Due to COVID-19, the foundation’s golf tournament and luncheon scheduled for July 18, 2020 has been cancelled. 

Please remember the foundation’s mission is to find a cure for DSRCT. It is a cancer that takes the lives of young adults and children. Accordingly, the foundation’s research at the University of North Carolina Children’s Hospital must continue and be supported. 

So, please make your gift using the DONATE button below.

Stay safe, be well, and we look forward to being with you next summer at the 2021 golf tournament and luncheon, as together we strive to make DSRCT-history. 

Thank you, 
The Brett Tashman Foundation