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Howard University

We are pleased to announce our new research partner, Howard University, where Dr. Hayes Dixon, MD, will continue her research into DSRCT.

Dr. Hayes’s February 2024 Update

Dr. Hayes’s June 2022 Update

University of North Carolina Children’s Hospital

We are pleased to announce our new research partner, the University of North Carolina Children’s Hospital, where Dr. Hayes-Jordan, MD, will continue her DSRCT research.

The December 2018 update can be found here:

Ludwig DSRCT Update 12.12.18

“With 2019 right around the corner, I look forward to continuing our highly productive partnership and expect great clinical advancements.”

The December 2017 update can be found here:

Hayes Jordan DSRCT Update 12.19.2017

“As this is such a rare disease, we are not able to compete for national funding and rely on generous donors such as yourselves.”

A May 2017 update from Dr. Andrea Hayes-Jordan, MD, one of the foremost authorities in the world on DSRCT and the doctor who oversaw Brett’s treatment:

“We are making good progress with the research.  We will submit a manuscript for publication next week which discusses the first mouse model of DSRCT that I and my team have been working on… And it also talks about a new drug that hasn’t been used before in DSRCT, which caused a reduction in tumors in over 60% of the mice!  Therefore, now we are starting a clinical trial in DSRCT relapsed patients, with this new drug, hopefully in the next few months.

We still don’t have any national funding, (although we are planning to submit a grant in the fall), so ALL of your efforts and funds are critical!  We have used some of the monies for supplies and genomic analysis, which is still pending.”

Andrea Hayes-Jordan MD, FAAP, FACS
Professor of Surgery and Pediatrics
Director of Pediatric Surgical Oncology
Department of Surgical Oncology
University of Texas
MD Anderson Center Children’s Cancer Hospital

Update: December 2016

Here is an updated pdf on what’s new with DSRCT as provided by MD Anderson Cancer Center.

The Facts

DSRCT is a rare and very aggressive form of soft tissue sarcoma that primarily affects young males. It is classified as a childhood cancer.

Research into DSRCT remains significantly underfunded. The key to unlocking funds starts with awareness, advocacy, and action. At the Brett Tashman Foundation, our mission is to raise the necessary funding to find a cure for this life-threatening cancer.